Wheat Straw Coffee Cup 12oz

Wheat Straw Coffee Cup 12oz

First it was straws, now it's coffee cups in the firing line! Do your part by bringing your own! 

Don't swap your single use plastic cup for a resusuabe plastic cup, Yes it's better than nothing but you can use something even better and forgo plastic altogether!

Wheat straw is made from the byproducts of the wheat used in agriculture. Two birds - one stone (or cup as the case may be!) They're also fully biodegradable* and contain no heavy metals or plastic poisons. 

They can withstand temps up to 180 degrees so they're dish washer save and very sturdy. The silicone lid also means they're spill proof. 

Don't wait any longer - enjoy your coffee and nourish your soul at the same time!

*When processed at the correct facility - not suitable for household composting

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